Whether you’re self-building, buying off the plan or renovating, interior design is an important consideration. While trends may come and go, the right interior design ideas will ensure your home feels up to date now, while avoiding feeling dated in a few short years.

Before you start picking out paint colours and buying throw cushions, you need to create a plan for how you want your home to look and feel. By creating a timeless interior, you’ll have more scope to change and adapt your home as trends change. And a clean, timeless style will appeal to a wider range of tenants, making leasing your property far easier.

Discover five key elements that will enable you to create a strong foundation that you can develop and reinvent over time.


Living room of The One development in South Morang showing timeless interior design ideas | View Bank Homes

1. An open plan design

Open plan living allows for seamless transitions from one room to another and helps to create a casual, inviting space.

An open plan kitchen, meals and living area can allow you to create a harmonious interior by carrying flooring, wall coverings, lighting and colours across the area. This can also help to make the space feel bigger and lighter.

You can still create zones for each activity – such as dining, relaxing and cooking – through the use of furniture and rug placement.

2. Neutral walls and ceilings

Neutral walls and ceilings – such as white, cream or grey – create harmony in open-plan spaces while also providing a blank canvas for you to express your own personal style.

The right colour can also help to convey a particular mood for your space: warm tones can make a room feel more inviting and are ideal when paired with lots of other natural elements; while cool tones feel crisp and are ideal for modern or minimalist decorating styles.

3. Hardwood flooring

A defining feature of the Australian lifestyle is our love for the outdoors. And interior design is constantly looking for ways to incorporate nature inside our homes through the use of natural materials.

Wood and wood-look flooring have become a popular choice over the years thanks to its natural aesthetic and easy-clean properties.

More practical than carpet in high-traffic areas, wood floors also lend themselves perfectly to the open-plan interior style. Of course, a focus on sustainable choices means real hardwood is not always the best option. But a quality selection of wood-look laminate flooring offers all the warmth and style of wood, but with less impact on our natural resources.

Kitchen of The One development in South Morang showing timeless interior design ideas | View Bank Homes

4. Earthy tones

Colours are one of the most important aspects of interior design. The right colours can make a home feel warm and inviting, while the wrong ones can feel cold and lacklustre.

For an on-trend look that won’t date quickly, stick to earthy hues. Think camel, terracotta, burgundy red, stonewash blue and sage green. These tones help achieve a warm, inviting and relaxed feel and they also pair well with natural materials. Carry them throughout your home for a consistent aesthetic or use as a pop of colour in the kitchen, bathroom or living room.

5. Lush greenery

Lush greenery will instantly bring your home to life. And it can also have health benefits by making the air fresher. And with so many plants available for every space in your home, you’re sure to find a range of plants that will thrive in your space.

Choose a variety of types and heights to keep the look natural. Also, don’t forget to consider what pots you’ll use. Select different designs that tie into a single theme for an eclectic yet cohesive appearance.

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