A question we are commonly asked is, ‘how do I differentiate one Melbourne builder from another?’ We understand the sentiment. The importance of purchasing your home from a Melbourne builder you can trust is critical.

To find the right builder for you we recommend you do your research. Find out what their reputation is, how long they have been in business for, their area of expertise i.e. townhouses, luxury builds, apartments and seek recommendations from past customers.

And so, we thought we’d take this opportunity to allow you to learn a little more about us, View Bank Homes – Melbourne builders for over 30 years.


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We are a small, family business.

We are not a huge conglomerate, building hundreds of houses a year. We build boutique housing estates and are, first and foremost, a family business, built on the foundations of trust, hard work and esteemed quality. When you call us, you don’t speak to a different person each time. Being a small team means that if you have queries, you speak to senior management. Such an offering makes View Bank Homes unique.


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We have been Melbourne builders for over 30 years.

We have the reputation of being trusted and reputable Melbourne builders as a result of 30-plus years in the industry. We are experts in townhouse developments, having built them almost exclusively over the past 3 decades.

We are and have continuously been dedicated to taking on board feedback and the lessons learnt from every project. This ensures we deliver the best product we can, every single time.

Our longevity speaks to our reputation as trustworthy, reliable Melbourne builders. We take the utmost pride in what we do, which we directly attribute to our success in the industry.


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We are Melburnians, building for Melburnians.

We are, exclusively, Melbourne builders. Our experience of 30+ years building in Melbourne, coupled with the fact that we are lifelong Melburnians ourselves, ensures that we understand the nuance of Melbourne homeowners and buyers. We appreciate your desire for distinguished quality and esteemed design. We acknowledge your need for local amenities – access to public transport, schools, parks, shops and cafes.

As such, we bring what other property developers and Melbourne builders don’t. We have a unique understanding of what it means to be a Melburnian and to live in this amazing city.


We are both the developer and builder.

We build the community and the homes in that community. We are involved in the process from start and finish. As such, we are deeply committed to the outcome, to build homes people are proud of.

We specifically choose locations to ensure homeowners have access to Melbourne’s exceptional amenities, building in an array of suburbs exclusively in Melbourne’s North.

We then determine the character of the development and the orientation of the homes. To be both the developer and builder is a unique offering among Melbourne builders. Such an offering ensures we never lose sight of your needs because we are the ones developing the land, as well as handing over the keys to your new home.


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Our homes are architecturally designed.

An architecturally designed home means it was designed by an architect as opposed to a draftsman. Unlike a draftsman who typically has a 2 to 4 year degree, architects have anywhere between 5 to 7+ years of higher education. Among many other factors, architects design not only for the size of the space but also for how you live inside that space.

This means that our homes have been designed with functionality front of mind, ensuring that spaces are used to optimise their function. The flow of the layout is also considered. This provides for a higher level of environmental comfort and higher capital gain.


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Our homes are of the utmost quality.

As Melbourne builders, quality underpins everything we do. It is evident in the brands we partner with and the materials used; in our dedication to providing homes that people are proud of. We attribute much of our success in the industry to our commitment to building homes of quality.

The materials used and the brands partnered with are no exception. Take the split heating and cooling system, for example. We typically partner with Panasonic, one of the top brands in the industry for this product, to ensure homes are cooled and heated to the best of their ability. Another example is our use of stone benchtops in kitchens, instead of laminate. Every detail, no matter how big or small, is accounted for.


Want to know more about our current homes in Melbourne’s north? Our latest development, Seven Eighty Five, at 785 Plenty Rd, Reservoir has just been placed on the market. With 8 townhomes located in the one of the most verdant pockets of Melbourne’s North and only 12km from Melbourne’s CBD, it’s Easy Northside Living at its finest. Click here to learn more.