Getting the keys to your new townhouse might be the most exciting part of the buying process. You’ve done all your research, navigated a minefield of paperwork and, finally, you’re holding the keys to your new home.

There’s a lot to organise for the day you move in, but it’s also a chance to celebrate. In this post, we’re sharing our tips to ensure things go smoothly so you ride those good vibes for as long as possible.

Two weeks before

There’s nothing worse than moving into a new home and not being able to turn on the fridge or make a cup of tea. So, in the weeks before you move (once your settlement has been confirmed), contact the major providers to connect up your gas, electricity, and phone and internet (because nothing makes unpacking boxes more enjoyable than having Netflix on in the background).

Moving Into a New House Checklist | View Bank Homes

Two days before

Whether you’re doing your own packing or enlisting the help of movers, the whole process will be smoother if you plan what needs to move and where it goes. Clearly labelled boxes will help ensure things end up in the right rooms so you’re not searching for your pots and pans days later.

While you’re at it, pack an unpacking box which should include screwdrivers and any tools you might need to put your furniture back together along with ziplock bags for all the little screws. It’s also a good idea to include cleaning cloths and spray, scissors and rubber door stops (a sanity saver when you’re carrying heavy boxes and need to hold the door open).

Just as important as the ‘unpacking box’ is a box of essentials for your first night. A clean set of sheets, a kettle and basic crockery and cutlery will help you get through if you’re too exhausted to unpack.

Moving day

Make your move a smooth process by giving your removalists as much information as you can about your new home. As well as having everything packed up and ready to go into the truck, you might also want to do a pre-moving day reconnaissance of your townhouse to check for any access issues for your moving truck, such as whether you’ll be able to get a truck down the driveway.

Moving Into a New House Checklist | View Bank Homes

If you’re moving into a new townhouse, you’ll want to keep things looking fresh for as long as possible. Protect your polished floors and new carpet by laying down drop cloths or old sheets. And ensure all your furniture has soft felt pads on the bottom of the legs – these can be purchased from hardware stores for a few dollars and are well worth it.

Finally, pop a bottle or two of your favourite beverage in an esky for the end of the day. You’ve done all the hard work and are finally in your brand new home. Now that’s definitely something to celebrate.

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