What does it mean to be Melbourne’s northside builder? For us at View Bank Homes, it means not only building homes that you can be proud of, but it’s also about creating a legacy that lasts.

Over 30 years ago, we began building homes in Melbourne’s north. This was a time when European migrants were being welcomed to the area, mostly from Italy and Greece, but also central and Eastern Europe. A decade or so later, Asian migrants, particularly Chinese and Vietnamese began to call the northern suburbs of Melbourne home.

As a result, Melbourne’s northside has long enjoyed a vibrant, cosmopolitan feel as markets sprung up alongside Greek coffee shops. And it’s this mix of cultures that have made the northern suburbs such a vibrant community to live in.

Leonie Akhidenor, Head of Residential Developments at View Bank Homes, grew up in Northcote and recalls it being a warm, friendly community.

“I remember spending a lot of time as a child walking along High Street, Northcote. There was always so much to do; from visiting my uncle’s fish and chips shop, to watching groups gather at cafes with seats spilling out onto the street, and going to the Greek deli to stock up on feta and other goods.”

Leonie Akhidenor - View Bank Homes - Northside Builders Melbourne

During her primary school years, the family moved to the small suburb of View Bank in Melbourne’s northeast, where she spent evenings walking to the local tennis club or hanging out at the park at the end of the street.

“It was such a great place to grow up. As we got older, my friends and I would catch the bus to Greensborough Plaza or catch the train to the city,” she said.

The area has seen dramatic change over the past 20 years. Where there were once run-down buildings, boutique developments, cafes and bars have opened up. While bespoke retail stores have popped up a cosmopolitan feel to a lot of suburbs that were originally up and coming.

And young buyers, some who grew up in the and moved away, are now discovering a renewed northside. The proximity to the city and relative affordability are major drawcards, as is it’s quintessential Melbourne culture.

Now where you would traditionally see single homes on one block, the landscape has changed to townhouse developments and apartments that take advantage of transport and amenities.

Builders northern suburbs Melbourne - View Bank Homes

Further north in South Morang, that community feel is continued. Having recently experienced a boom over the past 10 years, the suburb is now one of the fastest-growing in Australia. New train lines, cafes and retail make it a vibrant place to live, while open parklands, waterways and community areas offer plenty of opportunities for people to mingle.

Northside has and continues to offer so much to its residents. From open parklands, trendy stores and its proximity to the city it is no wonder why so many people are calling the northern suburbs home.

View Bank Homes has proudly been building homes in Melbourne’s northern suburbs for over 30 years. Explore our latest developments.