You’ve unpacked the boxes and hung the pictures. Now’s the time to start truly enjoying your new home. Of course, to keep it looking its best for years to come, you’ll need to take care of it. Some simple maintenance will go a long way to keeping your new townhouse looking as good as the day you moved in. Here’s what you need to do.

Keep things clean

One of the simplest ways to keep your home at its best is to keep it clean. As well as looking messy, dust and dirt can actually damage the finishes of your cabinets, countertops, floors, sinks and more. So, be sure to vacuum, dust and wipe down surfaces regularly.

Dust can also affect the functionality of your smoke detector, which can be potentially dangerous. Don’t forget to give it a good clean now and then.

Open plan living room at The One by View Bank Homes

Check your smoke detector

Speaking of smoke detectors, you should be regularly testing yours and replacing the batteries at least twice a year. A functional smoke detector can save your life and your home. So, keeping it operational is a no-brainer. A good time to test your detectors is when daylight savings starts and ends.

Make sure your home is weather-tight

A new home is made to be weather-tight. But, over time, caulk can dry, shrink and crack, leaving your home exposed to moisture, wind and other outdoor elements. That can mean soaring power bills and interior damage. Not ideal.

Keep your home in tip-top shape by regularly checking weather stripping and caulking around windows and doors. If any seals are damaged, repair or replace them. While doing so, you can also clean your screens and check them for tears.

Oh, and don’t forget to check your roof for leaks and maintain the flashing around vents and skylights.

Clear gutters and drain pipes

Leaves and debris can quickly clog your gutters and drain pipes. In winter, this can cause water to back-up and in summer, it can be a potential fire hazard. To eliminate these risks, keep your gutters clean and clear.

Check heating and air conditioning filters

Heating and air conditioning are valuable features in all new townhouses. (Who doesn’t like to feel cosy in winter and cool in summer?) To keep yours running smoothly and effectively, clean and change the filters regularly. This keeps your systems running efficiently, lowering energy bills in the process. Additionally, cleaner filters also result in cleaner air, so it’s a win-win.

Help prevent concrete cracks

No one wants a big, fat crack in their new driveway or patio area. Unfortunately, shrinkage during curing, temperature changes and soil movement can all create cracks in concrete flatwork. But, there are ways you can help prevent this, including:

  • Maintaining good drainage away from the concrete
  • Repairing small cracks as they occur
  • Keeping heavy vehicles like trucks and moving vans off the slab

Tend to your garden

Whether you enjoy it or not, gardening will likely be your responsibility as a homeowner. And, it’s an important one. Overgrown grass, weeds and fallen leaves can really affect the appearance of your house and the usability of your outdoor area. So, be sure to regularly take care of your garden or outsource it to someone else. To cut down your maintenance, use native plants in your yard or hardy plants that thrive on neglect.

Know your warranties

Knowing your warranties is an important part of taking care of your new home. Be sure to read them thoroughly and activate any if necessary. Retain all relevant documents and complete any mandatory maintenance to keep your warranties valid.

Taking care of your new townhouse keeps it looking great and functioning well for years (and decades) to come. To make this process easier, choose a reputable developer or builder.

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