The Coronavirus and the Property Market – Here’s what you need to know

The sentiment in our world today is one underpinned by uncertainty, confusion and concern. Naturally, people are scared. Lives and livelihoods are on the line. Here, at View Bank Homes, our hearts and thoughts go out to all those directly affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. There is no understating the severity this is having on our community. This blog post aims to provide you with facts and statistics on the Australian property Read more

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Growing Up Northside

What does it mean to be Melbourne’s northside builder? For us at View Bank Homes, it means not only building homes that you can be proud of, but it’s also about creating a legacy that lasts. Over 30 years ago, we began building homes in Melbourne’s north. This was a time when European migrants were being welcomed to the area, mostly from Italy and Greece, but also central and Eastern Europe. A Read more

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Preston’s Best Brunch Spots

In Melbourne, brunch isn’t so much a meal as it is a past time. For many of us, the weekend wouldn’t be complete without a poached egg atop a pile of smashed avo alongside a cup of smooth coffee. Luckily, there is no shortage of places to get your caffeine fix in Melbourne's northside suburb of Preston. Here we highlight a few of our favourite cafes for breakfast and lunch (or a Read more

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