The HomeBuilder Grant: Here’s what you need to know

The Australian Federal Government, last week, announced the Homebuilder Grant – a stimulus package set to ignite our property industry from now until the end of 2020. For those eligible, the Government will grant them $25,000 to build a new home or substantially renovate an existing home, provided that construction commences within three months of the contract being signed. Naturally, our emails and phonelines have been ablaze with inquiries as to how Read more

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What You Should Know Before Signing a New Home Contract

While buying an established home makes sense – after all, you can see it, walk through it and touch the walls – buying off the plan is a little harder. You’re committing thousands of dollars towards something you can only see on paper. To ensure the process of buying a townhouse off the plan is stress-free, it’s important you understand as much as possible about what you’re buying. Here are the most Read more

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Is it Better to Buy Established or Off the Plan?

So, you’ve decided to buy a home. The big question is, should you buy established or off-the-plan? As both options have their pros and cons, deciding which is right for you can be a challenge. To help you decide whether to buy a townhouse off the plan, we’ve created this guide. Buying established For many home buyers, purchasing an established home is the preferred choice. Some of the most enticing benefits include: Read more

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