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We create beautiful homes to be enjoyed now and for generations to come. Thus, sustainability is of great importance to us. It is a consideration contemplated and deliberated at every phase of creation, from planning to construction. It is why our homes have been, and continue to be awarded with Victorian six-star energy ratings.

Note: The sustainable products fitted in each home will vary.

solar electricity

Energy cost savings

With power prices soaring it is becoming more important to use alternative energy sources to power our homes. That is why we fit our homes with solar panels. This renewable source of energy not only leads to reduced energy bills, but it also combats greenhouse gas emissions. Win-win.

Water efficiency

Water tanks, capture rainwater to be used for non-drinking uses such as toilet flushing, garden watering and car washing. Homes fitted with water tanks provide owners with an alternative water supply and decreased water bills.

Energy efficiency

Homes that are fitted with double glazed windows, enjoy an extra layer of insulation. This reduces the amount of heat escaping in winter and keeps your home at a comfortable temperature all year round. There’s also the added benefit of minimising outside noise.

environmental impact

Reduce environmental footprint

We are conscious of the environment and believe by building 6 star homes, we are helping the community reduce the environmental footprint.

Our Developments

80 jensen rd preston

Homes include water tanks and double glazed windows

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15 steane st reservoir

Homes include solar hot water and double glazed windows

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